Bush wants to limit lawyers’ access to Guantánamo inmates

Guantanamo Bay torture, cartoon

By Tom Carter:

US moves to limit lawyers’ access to Guantánamo inmates

27 April 2007

In the wake of recent revelations of widespread torture and abuse at the Guantánamo Bay prison camp, the US Justice Department has taken legal action to restrict lawyers’ access to their clients incarcerated there.

These lawyers have been an important source of news from inside the camp, despite being already subject to a strict set of rules established by the Pentagon and the DC Court of Appeals in 2004.

The Justice Department has asked the Washington DC Circuit Court of Appeals to limit the number of times lawyers can visit individual clients to four (they currently have unlimited visits), allow only one visit before which the prisoner must decide whether or not he will allow the lawyer to represent him, and prohibit lawyers from viewing “secret evidence” that can be used against their clients in the military tribunals.

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