New Mark Fiore animation, ‘Gun Crazy’

Charlton Heston of pro gun lobby NRA in the USA, cartoon

There is a new Mark Fiore animation on the Internet, ‘Gun Crazy’.

Its subject is how easy it is to get firearms in the USA, including for the Virginia Tech massacre.

Here it is.

The US Supreme Court ruled Monday that state and municipal governments are precluded by the Second Amendment of the Constitution from banning possession of handguns in the home. This is the latest in a series of decisions aimed at encouraging right-wing groups like the gun lobby: here.

12 thoughts on “New Mark Fiore animation, ‘Gun Crazy’

  1. It doesn’t say thou shalt not kill. It says thou shalt not murder. Self defense isn’t murder. Charlton Heston was a hero. He had more courage and deceny in 1 finger than most (including myself) have in their entire body.


  2. Hi Steve, aren’t you confusing Charlton Heston with his movie roles? And aren’t you confusing “self defence” with the guns bought so easily for the mass murders at Virginia Tech, Columbine, and more recently, elsewhere in the USA?


  3. I think that God gave us free will. He gave us a staff to walk through the valley of death and my staff is my rifle as I walk through life.


  4. Hi Rider, when the Bible was written, there were no firearms yet. And the problem is that maybe some people hate you and think they have God on their side as well. If neither side has rifles, then that might lead maybe to just a few words. With rifles, however, it might lead to tragedies.


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