USA: Bush allows whale killing

From 70South:

U.S. needs to fight harder for whale conservation at upcoming IWC

by Kris Molle


Coalition “Whales Need US” urged the Bush Administration to take a leadership role to stop commercial whaling and protect whales from extinction.

The coalition stated that President Bush does not take the issue seriously and they want him to lead other countries into using sanctions against whaling nations.

The coalition, which is made up out of 20 environmental and animal welfare organizations feel that the upcoming International Whaling Commission (IWC) to be held from May 28-31 in Anchorage, Alaska would be a good opportunity for the Bush Administration to act.

The coalition, which has members such as the WWF, Greenpeace , Sierra Club etc, have the support of about 78% of the American public and from 56 members of Congress.

“Despite a 20-year moratorium that bans commercial whaling, some IWC nations—Japan, Norway, and Iceland—continued “whaling,” by exploiting loopholes in the whaling convention” says the Coalition.

Since the moratorium, more than 20,000 whales have been killed for commercial purposes.

Bush “does not take the issue seriously” as politicians like Abe in Japan are his Rightist cronies; and he doesn’t care about whales dying from his own Navy’s sonar either.

Anti whaling campaign in Caribbean: here.

Whaling in Iceland: here.

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