The Situation, film on the Iraq war

Massacre by US soldiers of Iraqi civilians in Haditha, cartoon

By Joanne Laurier:

The Situation: a drama of the Iraq war

25 April 2007

The Situation, directed by Philip Haas, screenplay by Wendell Steavenson

The Situation by American director Philip Haas is a fictional treatment of the Iraq War and its hellish consequences for the Iraqi population.

As one of the very few feature films to treat the occupation, the movie powerfully depicts the results of the US invasion in the Middle Eastern country.

It attempts to represent the social actors, American and Iraqi, civilian and military, collaborator and foe, engaged in the unfolding tragedy.

Haas and screenwriter Wendell Steavenson have accomplished something quite rare in contemporary filmmaking, creating a living drama out of social and political relationships.

The film opens in the Iraqi town of Samarra with US soldiers throwing two 16-year-old Iraqi boys off a bridge the latter were attempting to cross after curfew.

One of the boys can’t swim and drowns, and a cover-up is set in motion. (The sequence is a reenactment of an actual incident that took place in early 2004.)

The United Nations and Iraq: here.

Ex-head of CIA Tenet accuses Bush over rush to Iraq war: here.

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