New film Sicko, and other Michael Moore news

Bush, Michael Moore and Fahrenheit 9/11, cartoon

From Erik Moe in the USA:

Michael Moore Update: Happy Birthday Edition

A wrapup of recent news on Michael Moore, who turns 53 today:

* Sicko, Moore’s long-awaited exposé on the failings of the U.S. health care system will debut at Cannes, just as did his Golden Palm-winning Fahrenheit 9/11 in 2004.
* The NY Post claims Moore brought a group of 9/11 first responders with Ground-Zero-related illnesses to Cuba to highlight the dire state of U.S. health care. (via Cinematical).
* IndieWire reported seeing plenty of Moore at last week’s 10th Annual Full Frame Documentary Festival, where he and writer Allen Gurganus presented Ross McElwee with a career achievement award.
* After taking in Chicago’s diverse documentary festival, Hank Sartin asks what became of the much-anticipated (and/or dreaded) wave of Moore imitators.

Happy Birthday, Mike!

See also here.

9/11 Responders Warned They Will Be Screened For Terrorism Ties: here.

2 thoughts on “New film Sicko, and other Michael Moore news

  1. I don’t know about Michael Moore ‘imitators’, but there are certainly a lot of young documentary filmmakers. There’s also a tremendous interest in documentary films. Check out the Iron Weed Film Club, which sends DVD’s of independent films, most of them documentaries, to subscribers every month. I just got my copy of Barbara Copple’s brilliant “Harlan County, USA” on DVD. It’s a documentary about a bitterly fought miner’s strike. It hasn’t been seen in this country since it’s theatrical release, more than thirty years ago. It won an academy award in 1976, and features my only Oscar winning performance. My left shoulder appears for a fraction of a second in a crowd scene.


  2. Hi Jon, thanks for this interesting comment.

    More about “Harlan County, USA”, is here.

    The song “Which side are you on”, sometimes sung at May Day meetings/demonstrations in Leiden or The Hague in The Netherlands, also originates from Harlan County.


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