French presidential election, new exit poll

This French video is called Mariage Sarkozy Carla Bruni clip parodie.

Of the French presidential election today, the candidates’ figures of a new exit poll, supposedly more accurate than the earlier one, are:

Sarkozy (Right) 29,9%
Ms Royal (Socialist Party) 25,8%

These two are in the secoond round.

Not in the second round:

Bayrou (Center Right) 18,5%
Le Pen (Extreme Right) 11%
De Villiers (Far Right) 2,6%
Bové (Anti capitalist globalization farmer) 1,1%
Besancenot (Revolutionary Communist League) 4,4%
Ms Buffet (Communist Party) 2%
Ms Voynet (Greens) 1,6%
Ms Laguiller (Workers’ Struggle) 1,5%
Schivardi (Labour) 0,4%
Nihous (Hunters Party) 1,4%

A comment on the results: here.

And here.

And here.

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