Bush’s ‘new’ Iraq now world leader in executions

This is a video of Abu Ghraib, Iraq, torture photos.

From London daily The Morning Star:

Disregard for life

(Thursday 19 April 2007)

THE shambolic hanging of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in Iraq claimed media prime time all over the world.

But the scale of executions taking place in the still foreign-occupied country indicates an escalating disregard for human life and for norms of legality.

Those Iraqi organisations that supported the US invasion proclaimed their devotion to human rights and civilised standards, pointing out, understandably, that their horrific experiences at the hands of the dictatorship predisposed them to such a stance.

But what has transpired under the US occupation, supported by our own [British] government, has been a mockery of such fine words.

The legal process has been transformed into a grotesque parody of reality TV, with prisoners paraded on TV to confess their supposed misdeeds and thereby aggrandise the reputation of a particular elite police unit.

There can be no confidence in such confessions, given the knowledge that torture is rife in the puppet government’s police stations.

How could it be otherwise when the occupiers themselves are past masters at the sinister arts of secret imprisonment, torture and murder of those they seize?

Isn’t there a high enough level of slaughter in Iraq already without those who claim to be an independent executive and judiciary joining in the mayhem?

The death penalty cannot improve matters in Iraq.

Only the immediate withdrawal of all foreign occupation forces has the capacity to remove the cause of conflict and offer Iraqis the chance to work together to rebuild their country.

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