US soldiers kidnap 9 year old Iraqi child

This video is called Children of Iraq – Katie Nordquist.

From British weekly Socialist Worker:

US kidnaps 9 year old Iraqi

It’s “business as usual” – that’s the message Gordon Brown had for US president George Bush during their “surprise meeting” in Washington last week.

Brown and Bush spent 40 minutes discussing Afghanistan, Iraq and international trade during their meeting, described as “speed dating”.

The real horror of this “business as usual” in Iraq was revealed last week when US troops seized a nine year old child after he told them that his father was a member of the resistance.

The fate of Ahmad Fadil al-Jumayli came to light after a primary school teacher in the town of al-Karma, near Fallujah, revealed that US forces visited a number of schools in the town distributing gifts and sweets to the children.

The soldiers then asked the children a number of questions such as, “What do you think about the Americans?” and “Does your father like the resistance?”

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