Virginia: worst school massacre ever in the USA

This video from the USA is called Virginia Tech Massacre – Mass School Shooting Crime Documentary.

An even worse massacre than in Columbine …

From ABC in the USA:

Massacre at Virginia Tech: 29 Confirmed Dead

Fatalities Expected to Rise; Suspected Gunman Among the Dead

By DAVID SCHOETZ, NED POTTER, and the staff of ABC News

Apr. 16, 2007— At least 29 people are dead in what may be the biggest mass killing on a college campus in American history — and the death toll may rise.

Police at Virginia Tech, in Bla[c]ksburg, Va., said that the shootings happened at a dormitory and a classroom on opposite sides of the university campus.

See also Think Progress blog.

And AMERICAblog.

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First, strength to all families and friends of the victims.

We still have to find out more on the motives of the tragic events in Virginia.

I remember the Columbine massacre, and then President Bill Clinton saying problems should not be solved by violence.

In itself, a correct remark.

However, at that time, Clinton was waging war in Kosovo in Yugoslavia.

So, he was setting a bad example.

One of the murderers in Columbine had wanted to join the US armed forces on the Balkans.

Now, again, the US government, this time under George W. Bush, gives the impression that problems, like in Iraq, can and should be solved by violence.

Gun culture in the USA: here.

And here.

US religious Right and Virginia tragedy: here.

Bush and Virginia Tech: here.

US conservative chickenhawks’ reactions: here.

3 thoughts on “Virginia: worst school massacre ever in the USA

  1. U.S: Smoking guns and weapons to solve everything

    By: Randy Alonso Falcón

    2007-12-15 | 11:08:33 EST

    American society brandishes the value of weapons as a sign of personal
    safety and collective arrogance. More than 200 million weapons are in hands
    of American citizens. Juicy contracts go to the accounts of the military
    industrial complex to support a power that allows the U.S. to judge the rest
    of the world. They want to solve everything with guns and weapons.
    Hysteria everywhere

    Colorado lived through an eventful Sunday on December 9 when the large
    church of New Life and a facility for Christian training were shot up by
    unidentified persons causing the death of five people.

    The shootings took place just four days after Nebraska was shocked by the
    action of a 19-year-old boy, who killed eight people with a rifle in a
    crowded mall in Omaha before taking his own life.

    The madness has reached the homes too. On October, an American mother was
    arrested for buying her son a .22 gun and two rifles.

    In a search of the house, the police also found an arsenal of 30 air rifles,
    a rifle, knives, a book about the manufacturing of bombs, tapes of the
    Columbine shooting and notes of violence, which indicated that the boy was
    planning to attack the school where he was studying.
    Discharges of Death

    The “trigger happiness” of American police officers is well known,
    especially if at the other end there are immigrants or African-Americans.

    Apparently, in order to reduce the violence or the number of victims, the
    police forces have lately been using Taser electric stun guns, whose
    discharges immobilize the victims without causing apparent damage. But the
    reality denies the theory. For over a year, the Justice Department has
    been investigating the death of 180 people who have died after the police
    officers gave them discharges with Taser electric stun gun.

    The methods are new, but the ways are old and the victims are still the

    A universal sheriff

    United States has filled Iraq with weapons to. At the end of 2004, Major
    General David Petraus announced the delivery a hundred of thousands of
    rifles, pistols, autos, radios and millions of rounds of ammunition to the
    Arab country’s security forces.

    With a highest rank and now American military chief in Iraq, Petraus has
    been obliged to acknowledge the disappearance of more than of 150 000
    weapons delivered by the invading army to Iraqi military. Meanwhile, the
    violence and the death do not stop in ancient Babylon.

    On top of this, Bush wants more money and weapons for Iraq. The American
    military budgets, in 2008 will break the record. Boeing, Rytheon, General
    Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and all the leaders of the military industrial
    complex are rubbing their hands with delight.

    The Pentagon predicts its future battles in space and has requested 53
    million to develop a system of defence for American satellites and to attack
    the opposing satellites. Another hundred million will be dedicated to an
    immediate World Wide program of attack, in which the imperial army will have
    high precision six ton missiles that shoot into the space and could hit a
    target in any part of the world, within two hours, maximum.

    Inhuman the world which spends more on death than on life
    Sources: AP, EFE, the New York Times, the Washington Post and El País


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