UK: Labour woman quits Blair’s party to join anti war Respect

This video is called George Galloway vs. U.S Senate (5/17/05); about the Iraq war.

From the East London Advertiser in England:

Labour ‘MP hopeful’ quits race to join Galloway’s Respect Party

05 April 2007

By Ted Jeory

A WOMAN in the race to be Labour‘s next candidate to take on rebel MP George Galloway‘s Respect Party in London’s East End has quit the selection process and changed sides.

Johanna Kaschke has defected to Respect after reading the East London Advertiser‘s March 28 edition about the Labour Government trying to change the law to defeat a campaigner in the High Court over public housing.

She went straight to her computer and fired off a resignation letter to Labour, then joined Galloway’s party.

“I find there is a bad atmosphere in the (Labour) party, driving out council tenants and disrespecting leaseholders alike.

“It is totally disgusting that the Labour Party acts against its own members, dismantles the National Health Service, a tendency to stop free health treatment.

“Our local authority has become an oppressive force, forcing residents out of their dwellings by making it too expensive for leaseholders to afford the upkeep or forcing tenants to be with private housing associations.

“The Labour Party has become an oppressive organisation, nothing more to do with the democratic people’s party it once used to be.”

It is a blow to the bitterly-divided local Labour party, whose morale sank in Galloway’s Bethnal Green constituency after he ousted their MP Oona King in the 2005 General Election.

Joanna told the Advertiser: “Labour has been hijacked by a bunch of ultra-conservatives. It’s bad for democracy.”

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