White-tailed eagle chick hatched in The Netherlands

This video shows the white-tailed eagle chick in the Netherlands trying to learn to fly.

From Staatsbosbeheer in The Netherlands:

The white-tailed eagle couple in nature reserve Oostvaardersplassen (Flevoland province) has its egg hatched for the second time.

On Sunday 15 April the webcam at the nest showed a white-tailed eagle chick in the nest.

The webcam, which had some problems, fortunately every now and then did have images. …

It is not clear yet if there is more than one chick. …

Last year was the first time since the Middle Ages that a white-tailed eagle nested in The Netherlands.

6 thoughts on “White-tailed eagle chick hatched in The Netherlands

  1. All of the 40 days me and my family and friends, also in the USA and Hongary have been watching the sea-eagles, and now there are some problems with the instalation close to the nest, wich means: we don’t get to see anything for the time beeing. W hope that the problem soon will be disolved. We might have to wait one week to be able to see the chick.


  2. I too hope that the webcam problems (some images do get through from time to time) will get solved. However, then the question is: how to repair a webcam close to the nest without disturbing the nest?


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