England: Blair government threatens wildlife paradise

Distinguished jumperFrom Buglife in Britain:

Royal Mail gets greenlight to destroy ‘Rainforest’ wildlife site

In a move that has stunned wildlife campaigners, Royal Mail has been given the go-ahead to build on one of the top two UK sites for endangered wildlife.

A huge distribution warehouse and lorry park is now set to be built on West Thurrock Marshes, home to over one thousand three hundred species of invertebrates, birds and reptiles, including dozens of rare species and 36 animals listed in the conservation Red Data Book.

According to experts, only one other site in the country supports more endangered wildlife. …

The Royal Mail development – which will destroy two thirds of the important flower-rich grasslands found on the site – threatens a number of very endangered animals, including:

* The Distinguished jumper (Sitticus distinguendus): a charismatic spider found on only two sites in the UK – both threatened brownfield sites.

The spider is on a draft Government biodiversity conservation list that when published will require its protection.

Yet the species may be extinct before the list has even been produced.

* The Brown-banded carder bee (Bombus humilis) and Red-shanked bumblebee (Bombus ruderarius) depend on the large areas of flower-rich grassland, most of which will be destroyed by the development.

Both these bumblebees have declined massively and are now in a perilous position.

* The Saltmarsh shortspur beetle (Anisodactylus poeciliodes): a large proportion of the habitat of this rare and endangered beetle will be lost – replaced by a car park.

British endangered species: pictures here.

UK in bottom 6 for nature conservation in Europe: here.

September 2010: One of Britain’s rarest and most endangered bumblebees has been discovered on a Worcestershire nature reserve. The severely threatened brown-banded carder bee is usually only found in small pockets in the South East but was recently discovered on a nature reserve near Stourport. Wilden Marsh, owned by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, consists of a series of wet meadows and woods in the floodplain of the River Stour between Stourport and Kidderminster: here.

Termites are cockroaches: here.

Madagascar hissing cockroaches as pets: here.

2 thoughts on “England: Blair government threatens wildlife paradise

  1. why ??? what is wrong with people these days ??? we have already destroyed earth, don’t destroy its habitants, and their habitats, ……. we gotta do something, regardless of what governments think, these are animals, just like us,……. if only i was able to do something, my support goes to the protector people of these animals. …….


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