Killing civilians for oil goes on in Iraq

This video is called The Battle For Haditha.

Associated Press reports:

At least one civilian was killed and five were seriously wounded when an American tank fired on their house in Diwaniyah, 80 miles south of Baghdad, Iraqi police and hospital officials said.

The victims were pulled from the rubble and evacuated to Diwaniyah hospital, police said.

The U.S. military had no immediate comment Saturday on any casualties among civilians or soldiers in Diwaniyah.

AFP adds:

US aircraft on Saturday blasted suspected militiamen armed with rocket-propelled grenades during a second day of clashes between gunmen and US-backed Iraqi forces in Diwaniyah, south of Baghdad.

Doctor Hamid Gaati said four bodies and 25 wounded people had been admitted to hospital since Iraqi troops launched the operation on Friday but added that he feared ambulances could not pick up other casualties.

Why does the killing go on, with George W. Bush’s ‘surge‘, and more ‘surge’ escalation, supported … err … now not quite supported so enthusiastically any more by Senator McCain?

RIA Novosti news agency reports:

BEIRUT, April 7 – Iraq has oil reserves that are estimated at over 300 billion barrels, making the country the world leader in this sphere, the Iraqi oil minister said Saturday.

Even one of George W. Bush’s loudest warmongers, Paul Wolfowitz, has admitted the link … but he may not say anything about it now, being up to his neck in his nepotism scandal at his new World Bank job

3 thoughts on “Killing civilians for oil goes on in Iraq

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