No British soldiers found guilty in murder of Iraqi worker

This is a video of Abu Ghraib, Iraq, torture photos.

By Simon Whelan:

A wanton cover-up

No British soldiers found guilty in murder of Iraqi worker

2 April 2007

On September 14, 2003, Baha Musa, a 26-year-old hotel receptionist and father of two, was detained along with several others in a raid by the Queens Lancashire Regiment in the Haitham Hotel in Basra.

Over the course of the next 36 hours, Musa was humiliated, starved, robbed, forced to drink his own urine, choked and repeatedly pummeled by perhaps dozens of British soldiers.

He died as a result of the sadistic abuse.

Last month, a six-month court martial ended with the acquittal of the soldiers charged in Musa’s death.

This was despite the Ministry of Defence using a High Court judge and leading barristers quizzing more than 100 witnesses.

Obvious similarities exist between the systematic abuse perpertated at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay by American military forces and the circumstances under which Musa was killed by the British Army.

As with Abu Ghraib, a notorious prison under Saddam Hussein, the site where Musa was murdered had served as a military facility used by the Baathist secret police.

Court testimony revealed that Musa and the other detainees were beaten so severly they lost conciousness and were left lying in their own excrement.

The detainees were also subjected to racist verbal abuse by their captors.

The coroner revealed that Musa died from asphyxia. Among the 93 seperate injuries from the countless blows inflicted were a broken nose and three broken ribs.

The case of Baha Musa is but the latest in a series of trials over the abuse and murder of Iraqi civilians that ended with no one being held to account.

Ministry of Defence figures reveal that since the invasion of Iraq four years ago, a total of 221 investigations have been conducted into abuse allegations involving British troops.

All but 23 of the cases were closed without further ado, with the military deciding there was no case to answer.

Only six cases of deliberate abuse have made it to a court, and just one of these has led to a conviction.

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