NATO’s Apartheid toilets in Afghanistan

Whites only sign in the USA

From the Globe and Mail in Canada:

NATO’s potty rules shut out Afghans


KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN — Under a bizarre policy that echoes the days of segregation in the United States, Afghans who work at the NATO base at Kandahar Airfield must use separate toilets marked “local nationals only.”

Several Afghans told The Globe and Mail the practice is insulting, but they are dependent on NATO for their livelihoods and reluctant to speak out. …

“I don’t see any reason for separate bathrooms,” he said. “Everybody is human, so it should be one [toilet].”

NATO killing Afghan civilians: here.

Afghanistan: Poor sanitation, bad toilets cause deaths, misery: here.

AFGHANISTAN-US: Military Translators Risk Low Pay, Death: here.

71 thoughts on “NATO’s Apartheid toilets in Afghanistan

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  15. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    If this report is true, it is a huge embarrassment to NATO and our Western culture, where there should be no segregation and every human being is expected to be valued and treated equally regardless of colour or cultural background.


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