New frog species discovered in Western Australia

This video is called Litoria caerulea male singing.

From Wildlife Extra:

March 2007. Research into the Kimberley region’s native frogs has yielded a totally new species, the Chattering Rock Frog.

Western Australian Museum herpetologist Dr Paul Doughty and Sydney based tadpole expert Marion Anstis discovered the frog near the Grotto, a spectacular waterhole near the East Kimberley town of Wyndham. …

Dr Doughty said the Chattering Rock Frog was the first new species from the region to be described in 20 years. ‘We found it initially because of its unusual Morse-code like call which is reflected in its scientific name, Litoria staccato,’ Dr Doughty said.

‘We could also see that the new species was smaller and had less webbing compared to its sister species, the Common Rock Frog, and that it occurred higher up on the ridges.

Dr Doughty said the Chattering Rock Frog was endemic to the Kimberley region and that it was unlikely to be affected by the imminent invasion of the cane toads.

‘Although cane toads will be in the territory in two to three years, they are unlikely to impact on this frog species as the habitat is completely different – grasslands versus rocks,’ he said.

Green and golden bellfrogs of Australia: here.

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