Dutch government did not tell Parliament truth on Iraqi ‘WMD’

In this cartoon, Balkenende asks Bush, Are you going to tell me another fairytale, Uncle George?

Translated from Dutch KRO TV:

The Netherlands in March 2003 supported the US invasion in Iraq, the starting point for the present problems.

Or, rather: the first Balkenende administration supported that war.


Because Iraq was supposed to have weapons of mass destruction.

We know better now.

What did the Balkenende government know when saying yes to the war?

Was Parliament told the whole story?

KRO Reporter spoke to people directly involved in Dutch government decision-making, and managed to get secret documents throwing new light on the Dutch role in the fall of Saddam.

RTL4 TV news of tonight said that high level Dutch government people doubted the existence of Iraqi WMD, but that Prime Minister Balkenende did not tell Parliament about those doubts before officially giving political support to Bush’s war.

NOS TV news says that Dutch high level people doubting the existence of Iraqi WMD included the Minister of Defence Korthals of the VVD party, and the secret services.

In NOS news, MP Ms Agnes Kant of the biggest opposition party, the Socialist Party, demanded an investigation of the decision to support Bush’s war.

US folk songs against the Iraq war: here.

US Congress and Iraq war: here.

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