Brazil: capuchin monkeys have ‘stone age culture’

This video says about itself:

19 October 2016

Stone flakes made by capuchin monkeys look remarkably similar to stone tools made by early humans 2-3 million years ago, raising questions about the archaeological record.

Another video from the USA used to say about itself:

9 January 2009

Capuchin monkeys in an experiment in South Carolina demonstrate wonderful tool usage and remarkable problem solving abilities, to acquire honey using multiple tools.

Illustrates planning behaviour, the understanding that tools having different properties are useful for different applications, and even rudimentary bartering ability!

From the BBC:

Monkeys’ stone percussion studied

Research in Brazil has produced fresh evidence that primates may have something approaching human “culture”.

A scientist has observed capuchin monkeys banging stones together, apparently as a signalling device to ward off potential predators.

The researcher says the animals appear to be learning this skill from each other – and even teaching incomers to the group how it should be done.

The research is reported in the scientific journal Folia Primatologica.

Dr Antonio Moura from the University of Cambridge, UK carried out his work in the Serra da Capivara National Park, in the Piaui state of north-east Brazil.

Hard alerts

The use of stone technology in foraging for food is well known in non-human primates; monkeys will use rocks to crack open nuts.

But this may be the first time they have been seen using stones to create a noise to keep predators away, and warn one another of potential danger.

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