Reality behind Bush’s “aid” to Latin America

This music video is called Moby War in Iraq Bush.

By Vitor Hugo and R. Pichuaga in Sao Paulo in Brazil:

Bush’s “aid” to Latin America mirrors national programs to mask oppression

22 March 2007

On the eve of his recent trip to Latin America, US President George W. Bush and his administration complained that Washington was not given enough credit for the economic aid that it is bestowing upon the region—$1.8 billion for 2007.

The figure, however, represents a $200 million cut from last year, with half the total going to military aid.

Military aid mainly to the death squad linked Uribe regime in Colombia; see also here.

In an attempt to demonstrate America’s beneficence, Bush announced on the eve of his six-nation tour another package of aid programs—$75 million for education, $385 million to finance mortgages for the poor and the dispatch of a US Navy hospital ship to treat low-income people in various ports of call.

Not only is this less than a drop in the bucket given the massive poverty that prevails throughout the region, the aid figures as a whole represent a massive decline from what Washington provided during an earlier period, when Latin America was seen as an arena in the Cold War struggle against communism. In the 1960s, President John F. Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress provided more than $10 billion in today’s dollars in annual aid to the region.

Bush’s attempt to buy political support on the cheap clearly failed miserably, with mass demonstrations erupting against him in every city where he went.

Chiquita and paramilitaries in Colombia: here.

Argentine film Kiss of the Spider Woman: here.

May 2007: Negroponte in Latin America: here.

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