Birds wintering in Guinea-Bissau

This is video about bar-tailed godwits, and dunlins, in Britain.

From the March 2007 newsletter of BirdLife in The Netherlands:

It is estimated that during the winter season, 700,000 to 900,000 waders and water birds are staying in the coastal zone of Guinea-Bissau; mainly curlew sandpipers, red knots [see also here; and here; and here and here], little stints and bar-tailed godwits [see also here and here and here].

That makes this country, after Mauretania (Banc d’Arguin), the most important wintering area of the African west coast.

Bar-tailed godwit migration in the Pacific: here.

And here.

Rare Temminck’s Stint Spotted at WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre in the UK: here.

7 thoughts on “Birds wintering in Guinea-Bissau

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