UK: London mayor Livingstone says Blair, apologize for slavery

Diagram of slave ship Brooks

From the BBC:

London mayor ‘sorry’ for slavery

Mr Livingstone said slavery was “one of the greatest crimes”

Mayor Ken Livingstone has formally apologised for London’s role in the slave trade.

He called on Prime Minister Tony Blair to follow suit by issuing an official apology on behalf of the UK.

“The government’s refusal of such an apology is squalid,” he said, on the eve of the bicentenary of legislation to abolish the slave trade.

Mr Livingstone urged fellow Londoners to join him in apologising for this “monstrous crime”.

Blair may think: I won’t apologize for the Iraq war, so I won’t apologize for slavery.

Blair and Iraq war, cartoon by Martin Rowson

Anglican church people: Blair, apologize for slavery.

Debate on slavery: here.

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