McDonald’s wants to censor the English language

McJobs in the USA and the Bush administration, cartoonFrom the BBC:

It is the definition of a low-paying, low-prestige, low-dignity, low-benefit, no-future job. But is there more to a McJob?

Flipping burgers, stacking shelves, cleaning tables – when Douglas Coupland coined [no, popularized, according to Wikipedia] the phrase McJob in his 1991 best-selling book Generation X, it needed little explanation.

Several years on and it has come to define a whole raft of jobs that are viewed as dead-end, low paid and with few prospects.

It is a term McDonald’s has been fighting to reclaim and re-brand for years.

A few years ago it took exception to the inclusion of the term “McJob” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

From Wikipedia:

Editors of the Oxford English Dictionary planned to include “McJob” in 1997, but did not do so, fearing legal action from McDonalds.

However, today these editors are a bit more courageous about the reality of the English language.

Now, McDonald’s wants to censor the Oxford English Dictionary.

Gee, maybe it would be better for their public image if, instead of trying to censor dictionaries, they would improve the situation in those McJobs …

McDonald’s indignantly claims that the English language “insults” their workers. But aren’t they as bosses doing the insulting themselves?

Talking about censorship: censorship in the USA of cartoons supporting women’s right to choose on abortion.

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