USA: Accounting for Hurricane Katrina’s Dead

This video from the USA is called Roundtable Discussion with Hurricane Katrina Survivors 1.

From Columbia University in the USA:

Accounting for Katrina‘s Dead

A new project at the Earth Institute aims to account for all those who died as a result of Hurricane Katrina, including those who died as an indirect result.

How do we fully account for the people killed by Hurricane Katrina? Should we count the kidney dialysis patient who died when treatment was interrupted?

What about a despondent evacuee who committed suicide months after leaving New Orleans? Or the suspected looter shot in the street?

More importantly, what happens to our understanding of the storm’s impact on society if these and other uncounted are added to the list of those who drowned?

These are the questions John Mutter, deputy director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, hopes to answer through a new project that seeks to compile an online list of all Gulf Coast residents who died as a result of direct and indirect effects of the storm, and as a result of the victims’ social standing or decisions made by policy makers.

The list is now freely available on the Internet.

“Socially marginalized people are always at greatest physical risk because they occupy the riskiest environments,” Mutter wrote in a recent article about Katrina deaths.

“They live on steep, landslide-prone slopes of the barrios that surround major cities in poor countries.

They live in swamps and flood-prone riverbanks of urban peripheries.

They live in poorly built houses that collapse easily when shaken by earthquakes or a wrecked by flood waters.

They lived in the 9th Ward of New Orleans.”

Mutter and research assistant Amatullah R’id compiled their list by reviewing obituaries and coroners’ lists.

They followed up with calls to family members, churches, and social service organizations to build a more comprehensive picture of each victim.

Mutter and R’id are reaching out to the affected communities, asking for friends and relatives to contribute information and revise existing information about those who died in New Orleans or elsewhere.

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