Ms Dynamite on Jamaican anti slavery fighter Nanny Maroon

This 2015 video from Britain is called MS Dynamite on Cutting Edge in search of NANNY of the Maroons.

From British weekly The Observer:

My journey in footsteps of anti-slavery heroine

Ms Dynamite, who has made a TV film for the anti-slavery law bicentenary, reveals her pride in Jamaica‘s first freedom fighter to David Smith

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Niomi McLean-Daley first heard of the legend of Nanny of the Maroons at Winnie Mandela School near her home in north London.

The daughter of a British mother and a Jamaican father, Niomi was has always been fascinated by her family’s Caribbean past and wider questions of black identity.

In Nanny she found a black icon who also happened to be a woman.

Niomi is now 25 and better known as Ms Dynamite, who burst on to the hip hop music scene five years ago with her debut album, A Little Deeper.

The singer, who has taken time out from recording to look after her three-year-old son, Shavaar, went to Jamaica for a BBC2 documentary, Ms Dynamite in Search of Nanny Maroon, to be shown next Sunday at 8pm, marking the bicentenary of the parliamentary act to end the slave trade.

She is passionate about Nanny and has some highly provocative opinions about the legacy of slavery among black Britons today.

Jamaican Richard Hart, a Marxist historian, trade unionist, lawyer and teacher, died in the UK on Saturday at the age of 96: here.

19 thoughts on “Ms Dynamite on Jamaican anti slavery fighter Nanny Maroon

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