Czech village says No to US radar base

From German news agency DPA:

Czech village makes its voice heard on US radar base

By Katerina Zachovalova

Published: Saturday March 17, 2007

Trokavec, Czech Republic- Jan Neoral, the 65-year-old mayor of Trokavec, a small village some 80 kilometres south-west of Prague, does not look the part of Czech politician.

On the day when his neighbours trickle vote to let the world know their stance on a US anti-missile shield facility to build nearby, this vocal opponent to the US installation wears a US-style country western bolo tie complete with the feature of a bison as a clasp.

“I am not anti-American. I like America. It’s the country of freedom,” says Neoral, whose 87-year-old Arizona-based uncle supplies him with cowboy accessories.

“My uncle has lived there since 1951. He tells me about it, writes me about it, calls me about it.

But, in spite of that, I don’t want their radar base.”

On Saturday, Trokavec, whose its population recently increased by two to 100, was the first Czech municipality to hold a local plebiscite on the US military installation in its backyard.

Seventy-two out of 90 eligible voters participated.

All but one authorized their council to take all legal steps possible to stop the US radar base from being built in the nearby military zone.

The Trokavec residents say they are afraid the radar would emit harmful radiation, cause real-estate prices to fall and natives to flee the area.

US missile plans for Poland and Czech republic: here.

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The supposed Iranian threat: here.

7 thoughts on “Czech village says No to US radar base

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