In Bush’s ‘new’ Afghanistan, women’s suicides rising

This video is called A 8-year-old Afghan girl was raped and murdered in Takhar.

From Associated Press:

Self-Immolation by Afghan Women Rising


March 15, 2007

One woman committed suicide by setting herself ablaze after her father-in-law tried to rape her.

Another set herself on fire because her brothers would not let her marry, preferring that she remain their servant at home.

Yet another told her mother before she died that her husband beat her daily.

Testimony gathered by the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission documents how life for many Afghan women remains so bleak that some choose a horrific and painful death instead.

The group interviewed about 800 Afghans whose sisters, daughters and daughters-in-law have killed themselves by self-immolation to escape domestic abuse, forced marriage and other misogynistic social customs.

The report and anecdotal evidence from other rights workers suggests the phenomenon is growing, with desperate women sometimes mimicking what they have seen reported on TV.

See also here.

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