Britain: refugees revolt against privatized Blairite prison camp regime

Campsfield jailFrom London daily News Line:

Thursday, 15 March 2007

CAMPSFIELD REVOLT! – after ‘violent removal’ of Algerian detainee

‘This will probably happen in other detention centres, the only time people listen is when there is a revolt,’ Bill MacKeith of Close Campsfield Campaign told News Line yesterday.

He was speaking after serious disturbances and a subsequent fire at the privately-run immigration removal centre left at least two inmates injured.

Seven staff were also injured.

MacKeith said: ‘My information is that at 6.30am guards went to arrest one or more detainees, most likely Algerians.

‘Other detainees witnessed the violent removal and began to protest.’

See also here.

And here.

Campsfield detainees go on hunger strike over treatment: here.

6 thoughts on “Britain: refugees revolt against privatized Blairite prison camp regime

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