Art prize for photo of Australian Guantanamo prisoner’s family

Guantanamo Bay torture, cartoon

From The Australian:

Hicks family photo wins art prize

* By Doug Conway

* March 13, 2007

ART entered politics when a portrait of Terry and Bev Hicks, the parents of Guantanamo Bay inmate David Hicks, won a national photographic prize.

The winning entry shows the Adelaide couple, looking pensive and with remote control on hand, watching themselves on the television news in their lounge room.

Entitled Waiting For News On David, it was taken on the fifth anniversary of their son’s detention without trial at the infamous American prison in Cuba.

Photographer Ben Searcy, who was today awarded the $30,000 first prize in the Doug Moran contemporary photographic competition, said he wanted to make a political point about Hicks and his family being denied a “fair go”.

Update on Hicks: here.

Terry Hicks, father of former Guantánamo prisoner, interviewed: here. And here.

Howard government caught out lying over Hicks release from Guantánamo: here.

10 thoughts on “Art prize for photo of Australian Guantanamo prisoner’s family

  1. Hi Cain Adamsson, to whom do you refer? To George W. Bush, who famously said: “Either you’re with us; or you’re with the terrorists”?

    To Rupert Murdoch, from whose paper The Australian this blog entry is a quote?


  2. Hi Cain, this is your third off topic comment in this thread; and all you have done is accusing, without proving one single dot or comma on any concrete point. Presumably, that shows the limits of your capabilities.


  3. Off topic..? Right.. [further troll stuff aiming at flame war deleted. Again, not containing a single point on the subject of this thread, Guantanamo torture camp and the photo of the Hicks family. Administrator]


  4. “The trouble is, anyone coming to a thread like this fresh will just see endless to-and-fro exchanges between A and B. Even if A’s ranting and B is defending him-/herself coherently and rationally, to anyone skimming the thread it could easily look as if they’re both as bad as each other. Also, the longer these exchanges go on, the more danger there is B will get sucked in and end up descending to A’s level. The bottom line is, most of us want debates to get resolved, or failing that to remain civil and on-topic. Trolls want to keep them going as long as possible, and keep them digressive and abusive. There’s no point arguing with a troll, because they don’t actually want to stop arguing.”

    Source: here.


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