Australian lyre bird singing, video by David Attenborough

Superb lyrebird

When the Australian superb lyre bird is singing, it imitates many other birds, including the kookaburra.

You can hear and see it in this video, by David Attenborough.

Also about lyrebirds: here.

Albino Kookaburras Are the Latest Albino Animals to Make Headlines: here.

7 thoughts on “Australian lyre bird singing, video by David Attenborough

  1. Made a mistake and looked for the bird of paradise while all the time I meant to look for a lyrebird. I didn’t know its name. I realized BOP was not what I was looking for then remembering his tail looked like a lyre I looked for lyre bird. I got it. What a treat. The video was fantastic gave me a chance to look and listen at this amazing bird. Many thanks.


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