Row in UK Cabinet on Blair’s Thatcherist-Bushist ‘family values’

This music video is Bush and Blair – Gay Bar.

From The Observer in Britain:

Row over family values splits Cabinet

· Alan Johnson backs single parents
· Brown camp attacks PM on marriage

Gaby Hinsliff and Ned Temko

Sunday February 25, 2007

A leading minister is to rally to the defence of single parents amid a growing cabinet split over whether the government should champion marriage.

Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, will warn that family policy should not be based on ‘the prejudices of yesterday’s generation’ or hung up over whether parents are married or not, but focused on what children need.

His words will be seen as a sharp change of direction from the line championed by the Work and Pensions Secretary, John Hutton, backed by Number 10, arguing that two parents may be better than one for children and that the benefits system at present discriminates against marriage.

Johnson will tell a conference on Tuesday: ‘Family policy must be bias-free – to express it in a more Clintonesque manner, “It’s the parenting, stupid”.

Not all children from married couples fare well, and other family structures are not irretrievably doomed to fail.’

His intervention comes as figures close to Gordon Brown criticised Downing Street for not responding more quickly or coherently to David Cameron‘s promises of tax breaks for married couples or to his argument that absent fathers are to blame for gun and gang culture.

The government had failed to show a lead and stand up for lone parents and cohabitees, said sources in the Chancellor’s camp.

Tony Blair’s ‘family values’: here.

Blair attack on single parents: here.

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    David Cameron is not embarrassed

    Sunday July 15,2007
    By Jason Groves

    THE handsome Asian businessman with his arm round Tony Blair seems every inch the ­perfect Labour supporter.

    Tony Lit was pictured with Mr Blair at a Party fundraiser last month, after his firm donated £4,800 to the cause.

    But Mr Lit is, in fact, the Conservative candidate in this week’s Ealing Southall by-election.

    Tory leader David Cameron had pinned his hopes on pulling off a spectacular victory over Gordon Brown in Thursday’s by-election.

    He has visited Ealing, west London, three times in the last fortnight to campaign with Mr Lit, whose high profile and charisma have given the Tories hope of pulling off an unlikely coup.

    But Mr Cameron faces humiliation today with the revelation that his champion cuddled up to Labour just over three weeks ago.

    Mr Lit’s company, Sunrise Radio, paid out the £4,800 for the privilege of attending Labour’s Celebrating Diversity dinner on June 20.

    Mr Lit was already a controversial figure, having been imposed as the Tory candidate by outgoing Conservative chairman Francis Maude late in June, despite admitting he did not live in the constituency and had joined the Party only days before.

    His candidacy was greeted with horror by many grassroots Tories, with local deputy chairman Brij Moham Gupta quitting to join the Lib Dems in disgust.

    But the latest revelation threatens to derail the Tories’ Ealing campaign – as well as raising serious questions about the judgment of Mr Cameron and other senior Conservatives who backed Mr Lit’s candidacy.

    Joan Ryan, Labour’s election co-ordinator in Ealing, where the party is defending an 11,440 majority following the death of MP Piara Khabra, was delighted. “David Cameron’s personal intervention to overrule local Tories and appoint a candidate has totally backfired,” she said.

    “This breathtaking and naked Tory opportunism will not fool the people of Ealing and Southall.”

    Mr Lit, 34, is a well-known figure in the Asian business community. Until his very recent move into politics he was managing director of Sunrise, Britain’s first 24-hour Asian radio station. He is a member of a dynasty worth an estimated £75million.

    Last night Mr Lit admitted attending the Labour dinner but denied supporting the party. “As a businessman, I did indeed attend this event for the Asian business community, but like many British Asians I feel the Labour Government does not have the answers to the challenges that currently face the country,” he said.

    “Increasingly the Asian community is leaving the Labour Party and joining David Cameron’s modern and inclusive Conservative Party.”

    A Tory spokesman insisted Mr Cameron was “not at all embarrassed” by the revelations.

    He said Mr Lit had not personally given money to Labour, since the cheque was signed by his company’s chairman. It was “pretty normal” for a senior Asian businessman to attend such an event regardless of his political views. Mr Lit also attended the Conservative Party’s Independence Ball on June 11, he added.

    “We do not find it embarrassing. The fact that someone who had not previously joined the Conservative Party has now joined is a sign of how the party has changed,” he said.

    Mr Maude had been aware of Mr Lit’s attendance at the dinner when he was selected as a candidate, the spokesman added.


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