Day on marine biology in the museum

Northern pike

Today, there was a special day on marine biological research in the natural history museum.

On my way there, I saw a great cormorant flying.

Closer to the museum, moorhens and coots.

No mute swans, though they are there at other times, and a sign warns they may be angry sometimes.

Especially for the marine biology day, there was a small robot submarine in the canal around the museum.

There should be northern pike and other fish species in that canal.

However, it seems that the camera today saw just one fish.

Participating organizations of the marine biology day were:

Natural History Museum Naturalis

Dutch Institute for Marine Research

Center for Estuarine and Marine Ecology

Center for Ecology of Leiden University


Dutch Natural History Society (KNNV)

National Trust for Zealand province

National Park Oosterschelde

The committee on new and invasive species of the Dutch-Flemish Society for Ecology (NECOV)

Committee on Ecological Water Management (WEW)

ANEMOON foundation

Photo and Film Team (OFFT)

North Sea foundation

Coastal Society EUCC

Blijdorp Zoo, Oceanium


Underwater Biology Foundation

Biological Committee of the diving association NOB


Later, there will be more entries on this day at this blog.

3 thoughts on “Day on marine biology in the museum

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