Video of white-handed gibbon singing

White-handed gibbon

Video of white-handed gibbon singing: see and hear it here.

Gibbons of Sumatra: here.

White-cheecked gibbons: here.

From Wildlife Extra:

May 2008. A gibbon subspecies from China’s Yunnan province has been declared extinct by a Chinese-Swiss research team. The white-handed, or lar gibbon, Hylobates lar, was last observed in 1988 in the Nangunhe Nature Reserve in south-western Yunnan province, and the loud, melodious calls of this species of ape were last heard in Yunnan in 1992.

Rare Hoolock gibbon released into Kaziranga National Park [see also here] – pairs up with wild male: here.

Scientists may have discovered a form of language used by animals, similar to that used by our own ancestors. A study into the sounds white-handed gibbons make by Angela Dassow and Michael Coen at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has led to the discovery: here.

Forestry officials in the north-east Indian state of Assam have demanded the creation of a no-pesticide zone around the famous Kaziranga game sanctuary: here.

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