White storks back on their nest, early in the year

This is a video from Germany, ‘A day in the life of a White Stork family: 29-03-2006’.

‘This is a time-lapse video of our nest camera at the Stork Barn in Bornheim. A new picture was taken every 15 seconds’.

Not only black-tailed godwits are now migrating back from Africa to Europe.

So are many other birds, including white storks.

The white stork couple of the Merenwijk in Leiden in The Netherlands are back on their nest, according to the daily Leidsch Dagblad of 20 February.

They started nesting there three years ago.

This year is their earliest arrival time ever.

Because of the mild winter?

2 thoughts on “White storks back on their nest, early in the year

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