Scotland: ex ambassador Craig Murray elected as rector of University of Dundee

This video from Scotland is about the Botanic Gardens Dundee.

From British weekly Socialist Worker:

Craig Murray elected as rector of University of Dundee

Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and critic of the “war on terror”, was elected last week as the rector of the University of Dundee.

Craig told Socialist Worker that he was “delighted to be elected” by the Dundee students.

He said, “It is a good sign that students voted for someone who is interested in the university, and not just for a celebrity.

“I think the argument that higher education is starved of funding while money is being wasted on war and Trident strikes a chord with many students.”

Craig’s first activity as the new rector was to attend a meeting of the university court (management body) on Monday in order to oppose cuts.

The meeting voted to push through a package that slashed £10 million from the university’s budget.

It will mean the closure of several departments and around 100 job losses if it goes ahead.

Around 350 staff and students held a lively protest outside the court meeting. Craig said, “The meeting was a real eyeopener about the state of higher education.

“Most of the members of the board talk about the university purely as a business.”

The cuts included the botanic garden.

Uzbekistan: here.

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