42 thoughts on “German anti war artist Käthe Kollwitz

  1. Very stirring ‘street art’ in Germany. The German artist Gunther Demning with his ‘Stolpersteine” project (hobble stones) gives back the original deported / deceased Jews’ properties. Gunther Demning took upon himself the enormous project as to relocate & reconnect them with the original inhabitant / owner.

    In front of each house, on the pavement, some 40 cm away from the front wall, copper plaquettes, hobble stones (10 x 10 cm) with the names of the holocaust victims & final destination remind of the horrendous deportation of Jews from German cities.

    Whether the sun shines or whether it rains – the glitter of the shiny copper squares attracts the attention, draws one to have another look – tells the brief story of an individual who used to live in this house. The shiny glitter reminds of a fleeting image of an elusive soul, a lost abeloved, a lost friend, a lost neighbour.

    I started documenting some of these name tablets in the German cities.

    Stolpersteine Günter Demnig. (hobblestones)

    For a map please have a look at: http://www.stolpersteine.com

  2. Fwd from scott:

    I am trying to connect with other anti-war groups outside of the USA. Google, the main search engine does not list many,except for a few UK sites. In particular, I would like to network with others who are artist to use the power of Art to create change. The NEWS in the US is void of real information. We see almost nothing about the war and so most Americans think nothing of it! It is only when something is leaked and then there is quick action to cover it up. I hope that a movement for change can be created globally and that would bring the American people to take action. My e-mail is scott@bush-it-usa.com and some of my art is at http://www.bush-it-usa.com

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