New DNA research on Ice Age cave bears

This is a 2016 video about cave bears.

From Current Biology:

To investigate the genetic stability of a Pleistocene population over time, we have investigated the mtDNA haplotype spectrum of cave bears from a location in southern Germany, continuously inhabited for thousands of years.

We extracted 29 cave bear teeth from three geographically close caves from the Ach Valley (Supplemental data), 20 of which yielded amplifiable mtDNA. …

The dates range from 38,000 years before present (B.P.) to ∼25,500 years B.P.

Cave bears: here.

Bear hunting altered genetics more than Ice Age isolation: here.

Bears today: see video of grizzly catching salmon.

What grizzlies eat: here.

5 thoughts on “New DNA research on Ice Age cave bears

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