Eight US soldiers die as helicopter crashes in Afghanistan

Rebuilding Afghanistan, cartoon

Associated Press reports:

SHAHJOI, Afghanistan Feb 18, 2007 — A U.S. helicopter suffered a “sudden, unexplained loss of power” and crashed Sunday in southeastern Afghanistan, killing eight American troops, the military said.

From the Ottawa Sun in Canada:

2 unarmed Afghan civilians shot dead

Sunday, 9 a.m. Canadians involved in one accidental shooting

By MURRAY BREWSTER, Canadian Press

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Two unarmed Afghan civilians were shot and killed by NATO forces in a pair of bizarre, seemingly unrelated, incidents Saturday.

One episode, 12 kilometres west of Kandahar, involved a Canadian battle group patrol and a man the army implied may have been mentally unstable.

Separately, unidentified alliance troops opened fire and killed a second man who ran in between vehicles of a parked convoy in the pre-dawn hours, near Kandahar Airfield.

The early-morning incident did not involve Canadians and military officials declined to say what nationality they might be.

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1 thought on “Eight US soldiers die as helicopter crashes in Afghanistan

  1. Widow of soldier killed in Afghan helicopter crash files lawsuit


    published June 30, 2007

    The widow of a Tennessee National Guardsman who was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan last year has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the companies she believes caused her husband’s death.

    Cassandra Flanigan is the widow of Chief Warrant Officer 3 William Timothy Flanigan, of Milan, who was a member of the Jackson-based 4-278th Armored Cavalry Regiment. She filed the lawsuit Friday in U.S. District Court in Jackson, said her attorney, Jeff Rosenblum of Memphis.

    The defendants are Westwind Technologies Incorporated, the company responsible for maintenance of the helicopter; Honeywell International Incorporated, which may have manufactured the helmet Flanigan used to communicate with his co-pilot and to get visual images; McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company, which designed and manufactured the helicopter; and The Boeing Company, which has since acquired McDonnell Douglas, according to the suit.
    The suit says an investigation by the U.S. Army and Department of Defense found that “equipment malfunction” caused the crash. The suit says the crash “was completely avoidable and would never have

    occurred had the Defendants not been negligent as alleged herein.”

    In addition to $5 million in compensatory damages, Cassandra Flanigan is seeking punitive damages to be determined by the jury.

    Rosenblum e-mailed a statement to The Jackson Sun saying that Cassandra Flanigan “would prefer not to talk with anyone about this tragic case other than to say that her purpose of filing the complaint is to make sure that no other family has to endure the pain that this has caused her family.”

    William Timothy Flanigan, 37, was killed July 2, 2006, when the AH-64 Apache helicopter he was piloting crashed shortly after taking off from Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan. The helicopter was responding to a reported rocket attack against the airfield when it crashed, a Tennessee National Guard spokesman said last year.

    The lawsuit says that “the United States Army and Department of Defense expressly found that neither Flanigan nor his co-pilot gunner (who survived the crash with minor injuries) were negligent and that weather was not a factor in the crash.” Enemy fire also was ruled out when the investigation into the crash was conducted.

    Flanigan is survived by his wife, and their daughter Meghan and son Brodie.

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