Big anti US military base demonstration in Vicenza, Italy

This 2009 video is called Euronews – Anti-US base demonstration Vicenza, Italy.

From Italian news agency ANSA:

Vicenza gears up for mass demo

Up to 50, 000 to protest against U. S. base expansion

VICENZA (ANSA) – An estimated 50,000 people will take to the streets of this northern city on Saturday to protest against plans to expand a US military base here.

The demonstrators will include local residents, pacifists, environmentalists, anti-globalisation activists, trade unions, leftists and several MPs belonging to the centre-left governing coalition.

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Update: Dutch NOS TV says there was no violence at this demonstration; contrary to the Rightist propaganda predicting it.

RTL4 TV said over 100,000 demonstrators participated, opposing the Iraq war, among the demands being replacing the base with a forest.

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Italy: CIA charged on torture flights: here.

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