‘Tony Blair’s’ band against war

This video from England is called Tony Blair’s Peace Video-text “peace1” to 78789 Now!!!.

Tony Blair’s band is back!

Listen to this, folks: here – Real good!


As you may know we are intent on getting the single War by Tony Blair‘s old band Ugly Rumours into the charts in the week after the big Stop the War demo in London (Feb 24).

You can register for the chart download now by texting (if in Britain) peace1 to 78789.

Do it and it will be the biggest humiliation ever and will show the depth of feeling against Blair and this illegal war. The cost of the download is £1.50.

All of the profits on the single go to the Stop the War Coalition.

If you are not in Britain go to www.uglyrumours.com where you can download the single.

This is a musical referendum on Blair and the illegal war.

Please send this message or your own individual one to all of your friends and contacts.

George Galloway

See when Tony Blair met peace campaigner Brian Haw: here.

Get Tony into the charts. Vote for Peace text “PEACE1” to 78789

Go to www.uglyrumours.com for more info and full video

Blair and Iraq war, cartoon

A Message from Tony:

Hi Pop Pickers,

You may or may not know that I was in a band at university called Ugly Rumours – which is a coincidence as it was my ugly rumours that got us into the war in Iraq in the first place!

The war has killed approximately 650,000 civilians and more than 3000 British and US soldiers, without us finding any weapons of mass destruction.

I’ve joined up with Stop the War Coalition and on the 25/02/07 “Ugly Rumours” – fronted by yours truly – are putting out a cover version of the Edwin Starr classic “War (What is it good for?)”, we are aiming to get the track in to the UK pop charts for March the 19th, the 4th year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq to show the government what people really feel about their actions.

(Plus I want to be remembered as the UK’s highest charting British Prime Minister of all time!)

You can buy/pre-order the track NOW or at anytime by texting the word “PEACE1” to 78789 … .

You can buy it several times if you like, either way the song will only cost you £1.50 (plus standard network charges) with all the profits going to support the good work that Stop the War Coalition do.

We only need around 5000 sales to get Ugly Rumours into the charts so please take the time to buy it NOW!

I know I didn’t give you a chance to vote on Britain going to war so please think of this as a musical referendum on me before I leave office!

PLEASE forward this site to as many people as you can and tell them about my great new single and video.

(Check out my video below with cameos from my old friends, George Galloway, my real life sister in law Lauren Booth and Brian Hoare).

You can join my Ugly Rumours fan club by entering you email address below, we will then send you exclusive video links for our other promos and information on how Ugly Rumours are progressing in the charts.

Yours always,

Tony Blair


Former Blair supporters Oasis now against Blair, and against Conservative David Cameron: here.

Blair keeps British troops in Iraq: here.

US soldiers against war: here.

6 thoughts on “‘Tony Blair’s’ band against war

  1. *Iraq invasion plan ‘delusional’*
    Posted by: “hapi22” hapi22@earthlink.net robinsegg
    Thu Feb 15, 2007 8:13 am (PST)

    I don’t think the Bush junta were on hallucinatory drugs at the time,
    but it certainly appears they were delusional.

    The National Security Archive (NSA) is an independent research institute
    at George Washington University. (There is another NSA, but that is the
    National Security Agency, which IS a part of the federal government.)

    **Iraq invasion plan ‘delusional’**

    Feb. 15, 2007

    *The US invasion plan for Iraq envisaged that only 5,000 US troops
    would remain in Iraq by December 2006, declassified Central Command
    documents show. *

    The material also shows that the US military projected a stable, pro-US
    and democratic Iraq by that time.

    The August 2002 material was obtained by the National Security Archive
    (NSA). Its officials said the plans were based on delusional assumptions.

    The US currently has some 132,000 troops in the violence-torn state.

    *- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    ‘Completely unrealistic’
    **- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -*
    The documents – in the form of PowerPoint slides – were prepared by the
    now-retired Gen Tommy Franks and other top commanders at the time.

    *”All of these were delusions” *
    — Thomas Blanton, National Security Archive

    The documents were presented at a briefing in August 2002 – less than a
    year before the US invasion of Iraq in April 2003.

    The commanders predicted that after the fighting was over there would be
    a two- to three-month “stabilisation” phase, followed by an 18- to
    24-month “recovery” stage.

    They projected that the US forces would be almost completely
    “re-deployed” out of Iraq at the end of the “transition” phase – within
    45 months of invasion.

    “Completely unrealistic assumptions about a post-Saddam Iraq permeate
    these war plans,” NSA executive director Thomas Blanton said in a
    statement posted on the organisation’s website.

    “First, they assumed that a provisional government would be in place by
    ‘D-Day’, then that the Iraqis would stay in their garrisons and be
    reliable partners, and finally that the post-hostilities phase would be
    a matter of mere months’,” Mr Blanton said.

    “All of these were delusions,” he added.

    The NSA said it received the documents last month, after making a
    request in 2004.

    The NSA is an independent research institute at George Washington

    It obtained the papers under the Freedom of Information Act.

    Read this at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6364507.stm


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