Exhibition by five Dutch women artists

Haagweg 4There is an exhibition by five Dutch women artists, in Haagweg 4 building.

The artists are Agnes van der Gaag, living in Oegstgeest; Magriet van der Horn, The Hague; Julia van Adrichem, Marijke Uittenbroek and Ans Volkers, all living in Leiden now.

They have in common that they were born between 1961 and 1971, and that their work at this exhibition is from 2003-2007.

They know each other from when they studied at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague, and have kept in touch since then.

This is their first exhibition as a group.

The group is called 5PAcK.

The five artists work in various styles, with various materials, on various subjects.

The exhibition does not give the impression of 5PAcK being as close knit as the Impressionists, the Surrealists, or 1970s organized feminist artists (see also here) when they started.

Ans Volkers, with whom I spoke, says there will probably be more exhibitions as a a group.

When this exhibition opened, there were some seventy people.

On later days, it was not so busy: about five people a day.

However, Ans expects more people on the final day, 4 March.

Then, there will also be music, by the band in which Julia van Adrichem, one of the artists, plays.

There are two videos by Ans Volkers at this exhibition, one on each of the two stories of the exhibition space.

Ideally, she would have liked to have both videos projected on a big screen.

However, Haagweg 4 building is not big enough for that.

So, one of the two videos, the one which Ms Volkers considers to need a big screen least, is shown on a TV set.

When she started studying at the academy, Ans Volkers says, she wanted to do painting.

She also did some sculpture.

However, after making her first video, she liked that very much, and today, she makes only videos, eg, from walking backwards in a street with her camera.

Usually, making a video takes her about two weeks.

She also works in child care.

She thinks that is a good balance between working with many people around, and art which is often solitary work.

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