Dutch government lies of military ‘reconstruction’ of Afghanistan fall flat

War in Afghanistan, cartoonThe strategy of the Dutch military in Afghanistan is now changed by VVD party minister Kamp, as one of his last acts just before the new government comes in.

The sending of Dutch troops to Afghanistan was sold to the public as “reconstruction”.

Now, it becomes apparent, as Dutch NOS TV news says, that there is no reconstruction; the goal of the troops is now to care for their own safety.

Dutch NOS TV says that Dutch military post Poentjak is surrounded by armed opponents.

Ever thought about safety being much better for the troops if they would stay in The Netherlands?

NATO kills thousands of civilians in Afghanistan: here.

Drug addiction in Afghanistan: here.

11 thoughts on “Dutch government lies of military ‘reconstruction’ of Afghanistan fall flat

  1. THis is racist how do you guys know anything about this. You people think this as a joke. Well guess what i dont. What do you have against them thats what i like to know? Their kind people. Ya’ll shouldnt have went there anyway you guys want to start somethong with them when they did nothing to you. It is Very SICK. I am an American and i dont excpect my fellow citizens to be like that.


  2. Hi Franny, I think you misunderstood this report. I too think that foreign soldiers, Dutch, US, or other, should not occupy Afghanistan. So, I think, does the US American cartoonist who made this cartoon.


  3. I was co-located with the Dutch in Afghanistan in Tarin Kot. They rarely go outside the wire and if they do they only go to the district centers in Tarin Kot, Deh Rawood, and Chora; they only control the district centers of 3 of 6 districts; a Taliban “Shadow Government” is actual in charge of the whole province; they routinely try to set their coalition and international partners up for failure; they have established Dutch companies to make profits for the Dutch on the backs or the extremely poor Afghans they are supposedly trying to help; their construction / re-construction efforts are inept and largely mismanaged with the much of the construction money going into the pockets of corrupt officials and their friends and relatives; and they pay off third party media companies who have never been to Uruzgan Province to write great things about the Dutch efforts in the international media.


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