Antique Chinese bronze tapir for sale

This ideo is called Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus).

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

MAASTRICHT – A 2500 year old bronze sculpture of a tapir from China, will be for sale for 9.23 million euro at the Tefaf (9 to 13 March) in Maastricht.

According to the arts and antiques fair, this makes it the most expensive Chinese antique bronze for sale ever.

The bronze tapir … is about 25 centimeter high and 43 centimeter horizontally.

It was made about the 4th century BCE, and was a wine vessel then.

The cover on its back with a ring as handle can be removed to fill the body with wine.

The snout was to pour the wine out.

The bronze tapir, with gold and turquoise inlays, recently was bought from a Swiss private collection by Littleton & Hennessy, specialists in Asian art, with businesses in London and New York City.

Fast Fact Attack: Endangered Species No. 75 – The Malayan Tapir: here.

Ancient Chinese writing: here.

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