Rare sea mouse on Dutch beach

Sea mouse

As described in Dutch daily Leidsch Dagblad of 29 January 2007, Rita Caspers was walking on Noordwijk beach with her sister.

There, she found a rare sea animal, a sea mouse.

Not a real mouse: a worm, related to earthworms.

Its scientific name, Aphrodite, is derived from the Greek goddess of love.

Ms Caspers put the beached animal back into the sea.

On tapeworms (not close relatives): here.

2 thoughts on “Rare sea mouse on Dutch beach

  1. I found a small creature in a cave at Bedruthen Steps in Cornwall. It looked like a giant woodlouse. (It was hard to see because it scuttled off so fast!) Later on in another cave I saw some tracks that looked like they would have been made by ‘it’. Because I had no idea what it was, I drew a picture of it and its tracks. Ilater descovered that it was a sea mouse.


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