Guatemalan trade unionist murdered with impunity

Puerto Quetzal in Central America

From British daily News Line:

Tuesday, 13 February 2007


An ITF/ITUC mission has just returned from Guatemala where it investigated the murder of trade union leader Pedro Zamora and the use of terror against the port workers union of Puerto Quetzal.

The executive summary of the mission’s report Murder with Impunity in Puerto Quetzal says:
‘On the evening of 15 January 2007 Pedro Zamora had collected his young sons from a local clinic in his home near Puerto Quetzal.

‘He was driving them home in the narrow roads of the community, when his car was met by a hail of bullets.

‘Pedro Zamora died apparently trying to shield his children, in this he succeeded.

‘Pedro Zamora was the General Secretary of (in full) STEPQ, the port workers union in Puerto Quetzal on the Pacific coast.

‘The union is affiliated to the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF).

‘The murder took place after many months of bitter industrial conflict over management plans to restructure the port.

Puerto Quetzal is named after the beautiful tropical bird quetzal.

Unfortunately, there are also far less beautiful things in quite some Latin American countries: extreme Right death squads, allies of George W Bush.

In Guatemala, these murder squads have a long history of killing, eg, Maya Indians.

This is a quetzal video.

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