Gentoo penguins video

This is a video on gentoo penguins in Antarctica.

They live on the borders of the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic zones, usually just north of chinstrap, Adelie, and emperor penguins.

Global warming and Antarctic wildlife: here.

7 thoughts on “Gentoo penguins video

  1. Pilfering penguins pinch pebbles from rivals
    Monday 30 April 2012

    Stone the crows! It could be a sequence straight from the 1995 Don Bluth animated film The Pebble and the Penguin.

    Gentoo penguins at the London Aquarium have been using their Happy Feet to go bad like Feathers McGraw in The Wrong Trousers – pilfering pebbles.

    As the mating season begins, the pesky penguins have been pinching pebbles from rival nests. After checking things are quiet, the fiendish birds quickly waddle to neighbouring nests, steal a stone and run back to their own breeding ground.

    As the number of break-ins increase the penguins have taken to mounting guard to stop their nests being eroded. While at the same time eyeing up potential victims, of course.

    Males use pebbles as love tokens to females and, if accepted, they need more stones to build their nests.

    Sea Life London Aquarium aquarist Hayley Clark said: “They just prefer a certain type of pebble. Pebbles are like gold dust to these guys. It is like giving your girlfriend chocolate.”

    Chocolate stones, obviously.


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