Skating champion Shani Davis does not want to meet ‘devil’ Bush

This video says about itself:

Watch this incredible acceleration at the world sprint speed skating competition in Hamar, January 2007, Shani Davis – Lobkov

In the 10 February paper edition of Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad is an interview with African American world speed skating champion Shani Davis.

The headlines say: No Hollywood, but skating.

American Shani Davis does not want glory, money, or a meeting with ‘devil’ Bush

From the interview:

“I would never go to the president.

That man is the devil”, Davis says.

“I was invited twice; I declined politely though.

However, I did go to meet the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

I really can’t understand why sports people should go to the president.

It is a show, a game, to show how proud we are of the nation.

A handshake, a photograph, and you will never hear anything from him again”.

3 thoughts on “Skating champion Shani Davis does not want to meet ‘devil’ Bush

  1. YouTube video: Welcome to the Terrordome: The Pain, Politics and Pro
    Posted by: “Charles Jenks” chaspeace
    Sun Jun 10, 2007 10:57 pm (PST)

    Nation writer Dave Zirin and Public Enemy’s Chuck D
    discuss their new book, Welcome to the Terrordome:The
    Pain, Politics and Promise of Sports , on May 15, 2007
    at The Schomburg Center for Study in Black Culture in
    Harlem, NYC. (9:45 minutes)


    Dave Zirin

    Dave Zirin, Press Action’s 2005 and 2006 Sportswriter of the Year,
    has been called “an icon in the world of progressive sports”. Robert
    Lipsyte says he is “the best young sportswriter in the United
    States.” He is both a columnist for SLAM Magazine, a regular
    contributor to the Nation Magazine, and a semi-regular op-ed writer
    for the Los Angeles Times.

    His first book “What’s My Name, Fool?” Sports and Resistance in the
    United States” (Haymarket Books) has entered its second printing and
    is available in stores and at

    His new book “The Muhammad Ali Handbook” was publlished for MQ

    Please scroll down for tour dates in your area… this exemplary read
    promises opening the eyes of even those like me who never thought
    much of the games, nor how the sports world affects our daily lives.
    Yet, as a veteran activist am impacted by the singular event in 1968,
    Oct 2nd, Tlatelolco, where our companeros died and the sacred ‘plaza
    de las tres culturas’ were cleared for the Olympic games – where the
    ghosts of the students killed protecting their ancient center in
    protest, and the survivors pledged: ‘no un momento de silencio, toda
    una vida de lucha!/Not one minute of silence, an entire life of
    struggle!” Where Luis Gonzales de Alba, voiced: “There was one Mexico
    before 1968 and one Mexico afterward, Tlatelolco was the dividing
    line.” There, where the famed black glove salute of Tommie Smith and
    John Carlos, (who wore gloves not to touch the skin of racist
    Brundage and whose primal demand was his removal as head of the
    Olympic Committee). Enlightenment came via the ‘Olympic Project for
    Human Rights,’ initiated by Dr. Harry Edwards, courageously brought
    forward by Dennis Brutus, whose shining light in the darkness is
    intrinsic in the mandate and effort be continued today as a true,
    living justice for the martyrs of 1968, resurrected to “haunt a new
    generation of Echeverrias already planning security operations in
    Bejing and London.” Exemplified in the words of Professor Ethel Pitts-
    Walker at the unveiling of the statue in honor of Smith and Carlos at
    San Jose State. She expressed, “For them to become immortalized, the
    living must take up their activism and continue their work.”

    Dorinda Moreno, Hitec Aztec Communications, Elders of 4 Colors 4

    IWD “We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For”/ Fuerza Mundo


    On June 1st, Zirin’s long-awaited “Welcome to the Terrordome: The
    Pain, Politics, and Promise of Sports” for Haymarket Books (with a
    foreword by the immortal Chuck D.) was released.

    He is a weekly television commentator [via satellite] for The Score,
    Canada’s number one 24-hour sports network.

    Zirin has brought his blend of sports and politics to multiple
    television programs including ESPN’s Outside the Lines, ESPN Classic,
    the BBC’s Extratime, CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch (debating
    steroids with Jose Canseco and John Rocker), C-SPAN’s BookTV, the
    WNBC Morning News in New York City; and Democracy Now with Amy Goodman.

    He has also been on numerous national radio programs including
    National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation; Air America and XM
    Radio’s On the Real’ with Chuck D and Gia’na Garel; The Laura
    Flanders Show, Radio Nation with Marc Cooper; ESPN radio; Stars and
    Stripes Radio; WOL’s The Joe Madison Show; Pacifica’s Hard Knock
    Radio, and many others.

    He is also the Thursday morning sports voice on WBAI’s award winning
    “Wake Up Call with Deepa Fernandes.”

    Zirin is also working on “A People’s History of Sports,” part of
    Howard Zinn’s People’s History series for the New Press. In addition
    he just signed to do a book with Scribner (Simon & Schuster.)

    Zirin is the author of a children’s book called “My Name is Erica
    Montoya de la Cruz” (RC Owen).

    He is working on a sports documentary with Barbara Kopple’s Cabin
    Creek films on sports and social movements in the United States.

    Zirin’s writing has also appeared in New York Newsday, the Baltimore
    Sun,, The Pittsburgh Courier, The Source, and numerous
    other publications.

    *Dave Berkman, Wisconsin Public Radio

    June 13 (Wednesday) Chicago, IL Public Square event with Etan Thomas
    – Place and time TBA
    June 14 (Thursday) to
    June 17 (Sunday) Chicago, IL Socialism 2007 – This is a weekend long
    conference with more than 100 meetings and events. I will be speaking
    on a panel with former NFL player Anthony Prior and 1968 Olympian Dr.
    John Carlos. For more info. visit
    June 18 (Monday) St. Louis, MO Left bank books 7:00pm
    June 19 (Tuesday) Minneapolis, MN May Day Bookstore 7:00pm
    June 20 (Wednesday) Chicago, IL 57th St. Books 7:00pm
    June 23 (Saturday) to
    June 24 (Sunday) Washington DC American Library Association
    Conference – with AK Press Distribution
    June 26 (Tuesday) Baltimore, MD Red Emmas 7:00pm
    June 27 (Wednesday) Boston, MA Brookline Booksmiths 7:00pm
    July 7 (Saturday) Asheville, NC Malaprops Bookstore 7:00pm
    July 10 (Tuesday) San Francisco, CA New College auditorium with
    Modern Times 7:00pm
    July 11 (Wednesday) San Francisco, CA Cody’s 7:00pm
    July 13 (Friday) La Jolla CA DG Wills Bookstore 7:00pm
    July 14 (Saturday) Los Angeles, CA IMIX Books 2:00pm
    July 14 (Saturday) Los Angeles, CA Eso Won Bookstore 7:00pm
    July 17 (Tuesday) Washington, DC Politics and Prose Bookstore 7:00pm
    – 5015 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. For more info. call (202)364-1919 or
    July 18 (Wednesday) Atlanta, GA Acappella Books 7:00pm
    July 31 (Tuesday) Baltimore, MD Central Library 6:30pm
    August 1 (Wednesday) New York, NY Hue-Man Books 6:00pm
    August 2 (Thursday) Philadelphia, PA Robin’s Books 6:00pm
    August 3 (Friday) Seattle, WA Elliot Bay 5:30pm
    August 6 (Monday) Portland, OR Powells 7:30pm
    August 7 (Tuesday) Boulder, CO Left Hand Books 7:00pm
    August 8 (Wednesday) Denver, CO Tattered Cover Bookstore 7:30pm
    August 13 (Monday) Washington DC Busboys and Poets 7:00pm


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    07/24/06 – You’re a Good Man, Larry Brown

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    07/07/06 – French Soccer and the Future of Europe

    06/29/06 – The NBA Draft: Prom Night Gets Political

    06/11/06 – Racism Stalks the Cup


  2. Public release date: 23-Dec-2007

    Contact: Federico Formenti
    Where and why humans made skates out of animal bones

    Archaeological evidence shows that bone skates (skates made of animal bones) are the oldest human powered means of transport, dating back to 3000 BC. Why people started skating on ice and where is not as clear, since ancient remains were found in several locations spread across Central and North Europe.

    In a recent paper, published in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Dr Formenti and Professor Minetti show substantial evidence supporting the hypothesis that the birth of ice skating took place in Southern Finland, where the number of lakes within 100 square kilometres is the highest in the world.

    “In Central and Northern Europe, five thousand years ago people struggled to survive the severe winter conditions and it seems unlikely that ice skating developed as a hobby” says Dr Formenti. “As happened later for skis and bicycles, I am convinced that we first made ice skates in order to limit the energy required for our daily journeys”.

    Formenti and Minetti did their experiments on an ice rink by the Alps, where they measured the energy consumption of people skating on bones. Through mathematical models and computer simulations of 240 ten-kilometre journeys, their research study shows that in winter the use of bone skates would have limited the energy requirements of Finnish people by 10%. On the other hand, the advantage given by the use of skates in other North European countries would be only about 1%.

    Subsequent studies performed by Formenti and Minetti have shown how fast and how far people could skate in past epochs, from 3000BC to date.


    Dr Formenti will be appearing on the ‘You and Yours’ Show on BBC Radio 4 on 24th December at 12.04pm (GMT).


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