US singer Norah Jones against Iraq war

This is a music video of Norah Jones – My Dear Country.

In the paper edition of Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad of 9 February, p. 24, there is an interview with US singer Norah Jones.

Part of it (translated), beginning with part of Norah Jones’ new song My Dear Country:

“‘Twas Halloween and the ghosts were out,
And everywhere they’d go, they shout,
And though I covered my eyes I knew,
They’d go away.

But fear’s the only thing I saw,
And three days later ’twas clear to all,
That nothing is as scary as election day.”

Jones criticizes President Bush and his warfare.

“I am very conscious of what is going on in the world.

This song is about frustration, hope, and disappointment.

There used to be years when we in America looked hopefully to the future.

However, everything became worse.

Don’t see this as my political protest song; rather as a love song with a political undertone.”

Noam Chomsky on Iraq war and ISIS: here.

4 thoughts on “US singer Norah Jones against Iraq war

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