Rare birds seen in Britain

Black-throated thrush

From Wildlife Extra:


Residents across the UK have been treated to extraordinary sights during the RSPB’s 2007 Big Garden Birdwatch.

Participants in Rothesay, on the Isle of Bute, have recorded a rare black-throated thrush.

With only 1-2 sightings per year, it is probably the rarest bird ever recorded in Scotland during Big Garden Birdwatch.

Black-throated thrush facts

* 1. The Dark-throated or Black-throated thrush is 23-26cm in length
* 2. It usually breeds in Siberia and the Ural mountains
* 3. The species has been recorded around 60 times in the UK since 1868 with the majority of these records in Shetland, Orkney and Norfolk
* 4. Most records are males in their first winter since fledging, and are birds blown off course from their usual territories by severe weather.

The bird has probably been in the country for more than a week but it was only identified when Rothesay residents took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch and recognised it in a bird guide.

Other unusual sightings include an American robin in Bingley, little egrets in Devon, and red kites [see also here] and choughs in Oxfordshire and Wales, respectively.

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