Iraqi diplomats seek asylum in Australia

This 2014 video is called Iraq: Children Traumatised by the Terror of Flight

From the New Zealand Herald:

Three Iraqi diplomats seek asylum in Australia

Friday February 09, 2007

CANBERRA – Three Iraqi diplomats and their families have asked for humanitarian asylum in Australia, refusing orders to return to their conflict-racked country.

Chief defence attache Brigadier-General Sabah al-Kareen Zebon Fureje and two staff, Colonel Kamal J Askander and Ala’ al-Amiri, refused to go home after the defence office within the Canberra Embassy was shut down in mid-December.

The claim may embarrass the Australian Government, which insists that Iraq is making progress towards democracy, despite the country’s bloody post-war insurgency.

These three diplomats are less than a millionth of the total number of 3.7 million and counting Iraqi refugees since George W Bush invaded Iraq in 2003.

Blair deports Iraqi refugees to possible death in Iraq: here.

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