Rudy Giuliani, US Republican Presidential candidate

This video from the USA is called Rudy Giuliani in Drag Smooching Donald Trump.

After Senator McCain, another Republican wants to succeed George W Bush.

From Crooks and Liars in the USA:

What America Needs to Know About Rudy Giuliani

By: Barbara O’Brien on Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Word is that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is now the front runner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. …

Here are a few things America really needs to know about Rudy Giuliani:

Had Rudy Giuliani been mayor of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit, no one would be talking about what a great leader Giuliani is today.

I was in lower Manhattan on 9/11, and as I was working in Manhattan I spent most of my time there in the days and weeks after.

So you can take my word on this: Rudy’s post-9/11 “leadership” amounted almost entirely of the mayor appearing on television.

He did a fine job of appearing on television, and he managed to set the right tone and say the right things — abilities Hizzoner did not always draw upon in the past.

I give him credit for his performance. But that performance did not constitute “leadership.”

It was all public relations. It was all about Rudy.

See also here.

9/11 families and firefighters on Giuliani: here.

Gary Hart’s letter to Giuliani: here.

Giuliani, cartoon

5 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani, US Republican Presidential candidate

  1. *FLASHBACK: 1993 Rudy Campaign Internal Oppo Report Unearthed*
    Posted by: “hapi22” robinsegg
    Mon Feb 12, 2007 4:44 pm (PST)
    Rudy is toast … put a fork in him.

    Pick a topic and go for it.

    SEE also: “FLASHBACK: 1993 Rudy Campaign Internal Oppo Report Unearthed”


  2. *New Bush, Iraq Poll Numbers*
    Posted by: “hapi22” robinsegg
    Fri Mar 2, 2007 8:46 am (PST)
    More bad news for Bush …. falling poll numbers.

    Even the Republicans are turning against him, now.

    About time.

    Bush has now fallen through the 30% floor and is polling at 29 percent

    BTW, (and unrelated to this), I think John McCain is toast. A few short
    weeks ago, he was the front-runner and widely deemed to be unbeatable by
    any Democrat … now I think he won’t even win the Republican
    nomination. He’s history.

    And (also unrelated to this): the “religious right” now loves Rudy
    Giuliani, the three times married man with all ex-wives still living,
    the serial adulterer, the pro-choice, anti-gun guy who left the firemen
    and policemen supplied with radios that didn’t work on 9/11 … leading
    directly to the deaths of 300 of New York’s bravest and finest on 9/11.
    But the “religious right” doesn’t seem to mind all of that. Nor do the
    Republicans, in general. What hypocrites.

    **New Bush, Iraq Poll Numbers**
    /by Marjorie Connelly
    The New York Times
    March 1, 2007

    In the months since the Congressional elections, President Bush has
    lost substantial support among members of his own party, according to
    the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll

    Mr. Bush’s approval rating dropped 13 percentage points since last fall
    among Republicans, 65 percent of whom now say they approve of the way he
    is handling his job as president, compared with 78 percent last October.

    Over all, Mr. Bush’s job approval remains at one of its lowest points,
    with 29 percent of all Americans saying they approve of the way he is
    doing his job, compared with 34 percent at the end of October. Sixty-one
    percent disapproved, compared with 58 percent in October, within the
    margin of sampling error.

    Twenty-three percent of those polled approved of the way Mr. Bush is
    dealing with the situation in Iraq. Twenty-five percent approved of his
    handling of foreign policy.

    Even the president’s campaign against terrorism, long his signature
    issue, is seen positively by only 40 percent of those polled, while 53
    percent disapprove.

    Three-quarters of those polled say things are going badly for the United
    States in Iraq, and only 23 percent say the efforts to bring stability
    and order to Iraq are going well.

    Seventy percent, including 52 percent of Republicans, say there is not
    much the United States military can do to reduce the sectarian fighting
    in Iraq.

    Over all, 23 percent of the public say the country is going in the right
    direction and 68 percent consider it as having “gotten off on the wrong

    The nationwide telephone poll was conducted Friday through Tuesday with
    1,281 adults and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three
    percentage points. The margin of sampling error for Republicans is plus
    or minus five percentage points. Complete results are available here.
    video is available here.

    Read this WITH LINKS at:


  3. 911 NYC Firefighters diss Giuliani!!
    Posted by: “bigraccoon” redwoodsaurus
    Fri Mar 9, 2007 6:46 am (PST)

    911 NYC Firefighters diss Giuliani!!

    Firefighters Union Letter On Rudy Giuliani
    March 8, 2007

    On March 14, 2007, the IAFF will host the first bipartisan Presidential Forum of the 2008 election cycle. No other union and very few organizations has the credibility and respect to attract top-tier candidates from both political parties. The lineup of speakers who have agreed to participate in our Forum is truly a testament to our great union and the reputation we have built as a powerful political force and a coveted endorsement.

    John Edwards, John McCain, Barack Obama, Chuck Hagel, Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Duncan Hunter and seven other candidates will make their case before the 1,000 delegates who will be attending the Forum and to our entire membership via same-day broadcast on our web site.

    Early on, the IAFF made a decision to invite all serious candidates from both political parties — except one: former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

    We made this decision after considerable soul-searching and close consultation with our two New York City affiliates, the Uniformed Firefighters Association Local 94 and the Uniformed Fire Officers Association Local 854, as well as our former Local 94 President and current IAFF 1st District Vice President covering New York.

    The IAFF recognizes that Mayor Giuliani generally enjoys a favorable reputation as a result of his actions immediately after the tragedy of 9/11. As such, we want our affiliates and every one of our members to clearly understand the reason and rationale behind this very serious and sober decision.

    Many people consider Rudy Giuliani “America’s Mayor,” and many of our members who don’t yet know the real story, may also have a positive view of him. This letter is intended to make all of our members aware of the egregious acts Mayor Giuliani committed against our members, our fallen on 9/11, and our New York City union officers following that horrific day.

    Read all about it —


  4. Rudy Giuliani , draft dodger, serial adulterer
    Posted by: “hapi22” robinsegg
    Sat Mar 10, 2007 1:19 pm (PST)
    Rudy Giuliani was a draft dodger who spurred the judge he was clerking
    for to get a deferment for him … but Rudy went on later to prosecute
    other young men who had dodged the draft.

    Rudy is a punk.

    Here’s the story about Rudy’s draft dodging:

    It goes on for a few pages. Another judge, when asked about Rudy’s
    “indispensability” claim (that the judge he clerked for could not get
    along without him), said that he thought the New York justice system
    would survive Rudy Giuliani’s departure.

    Jimmy Breslin on Giuliani:

    Rudy went to court to try to stop New York Magazine from advertising
    itself on the sides of buses as “possibly the only good thing in New
    York Rudy hasn’t taken credit for.”

    **And, I guess Rudy was okay with letting his divorce lawyer call a
    press conference to trash his wife, the mother of his two young
    children. So, there, in broad daylight, in front of a pile of reporters,
    *Raoul Felder*, Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer for his divorce from 2nd wife
    Donna Hanover, said (apparently with Rudy’s approval), “They’ll have to
    pry Donna’s fingers from the chandeliers at Gracie Mansion to get her
    out of there.”,2933,41749,00.html


    Before Rudy’s affair with Judith Nathan, Rudy had a long and very public
    affair with Christine Lategano

    Within six months of being elected Mayor, Rudy was pictured on
    the front page of the New York Daily News buying clothing for his
    young mayoral aide Christine Lategano on Madison Avenue. One day,
    Hanover rolled into City Hall unannounced, where she caught Rudy
    deep into Lategano, according to acknowledged rumors.

    Giuliani was not subtle. He would take girlfriend Lategano to
    Yankees games WITH his kids, until Hanover had had it—-pictures
    still exist of Lategano and the married Mayor in restaurants across
    the city. Lategano was widely disliked for her rank incompetence and
    arrogance. Eventually, Giuliani dumped her. But she got paid
    off—with an apartment and a cushy job when Rudy dumped his
    loyalist Fran Reiter so Lategano could run the city’s Tourist and
    Visitor’s Bureau, a job she was totally unqualified for (which paid
    $250K a year). People were horrified at the time. But Rudy was the

    By 1998, Rudy had a new mistress (now his wife)—and would take her
    to a restaurant a few blocks from Gracie Mansion–so that his
    children and their friends would know about it. By 2000 things were
    getting insane. Rudy was squiring his mistress to city parades and
    other Mayoral public events.

    Rudy then publicly announced to the press his separation from his
    wife WITHOUT EVEN TELLING HANOVER. Rudy would soon wage a savage war
    against his wife and children.

    Rudy then decided he’d bring his mistress into the family’s home (on
    the spurious claim that Hanover wasn’t helping him through cancer
    treatments, an illness he had not even bothered to tell her about).
    Rudy announced he wanted to “divide the home” to bring in his
    mistress — a transparent ploy to force his wife and children out
    into the streets. Hanover was forced to go to court to declare
    Gracie Mansion the marital home so as to exclude Nathan from it.

    Thankfully, the judge said no to Rudy’s cruel, insane request.
    Thwarted at this plan, Rudy moved in with a gay couple while his
    wife fended off his relentless efforts to replace her with his

    But like an uncaged animal, Giuliani would strike at his own family
    like they were mortal enemies. On Mother’s day 2000, he publicly
    paraded his mistress up and down Second Avenue for newspaper
    pictures. The evilness of this act astonished even blase New Yorkers.

    The savage nature of Giuliani and his vendetta against his wife and
    children knew no bounds. He cut his wife’s security detail (but
    provided government security to his mistress).

    It’s hard to imagine the brutality of this man—placing his
    children, and the mother of his children, in danger. Yet, nothing
    was too petty or savage for Giuliani, especially when it interfered
    with his love life.


  5. *bye-bye to the “sanctity of marriage”*
    Posted by: “hapi22” robinsegg
    Sat Mar 31, 2007 7:29 am (PST)
    If Fred Thompson enters the race for the Republican nomination, that
    will bring to 10, the number of marriages among the top 4 Republican
    candidates — if you add Judith Giuliani’s marriages to the mix, it
    comes to 13 marriages among the “top four” GOP candidates. I have to do
    research to see how many times the other “top four” GOP wives have been
    married. After all, until two weeks ago, we didn’t know about Judith
    Giuliani’s active marital life. And WHY won’t Rudy and Judy let anyone
    know the circumstances of HOW they first met? Inquiring minds want to
    know. Some think it was pretty shady.

    Rudy = 3 marriages (Rudy’s 3rd wife is now on her 3rd husband)

    McCain = 2 marriages

    Newt = 3 marriages (now married to a woman 22 years younger than he is,
    he could be her father) – you will “love” this about Newt’s marital and
    otherwise history:

    Fred Thompson = 2 marriages (he is 27 years older than his 2nd wife,
    could be her father)

    four of the five top GOP candidates for president have 10 marriages
    among them …. only Mitt Romney has been married just once.

    Maybe we won’t hear so much from those “pure” Republicans about the
    “sanctity of marriage” this time .


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